TOP 300 Words in English
İngilizce öğrenmenin ilk adımı nedir? Gramer mi yoksa kelime mi? Tabii ki kelime. Kelime bilmezsen gramer işine yaramaz. Bu yazımızda İngilizce'de en yaygın 300 kelimeyi sizlerle paylaşacağız.

İster PDF'i indirin ister aşağından kelimeleri teker teker yazın. Bu kelimelerin yanlarına Türkçelerini yazıp öyle çalışın.

TOP 300 Words in English - En Yaygın 300 İngilizce Kelime

Word (Kelime) Word (Kelime) Word (Kelime)
the of to
and a in
is it you
that he was
for been now
find any new
real on ar
with as I
his they be
at one have
this from or
had by hot
but some what
there we can
work part take
get place made
live where after
day more could
go come did
my sound no
most number who
ower know water
than call first
people may down
side sentence set
three want air
well also play
small end put
home read hand
port large spell
add even land
here must big
high such act
follow why ask
men change went
light kind off
need life few
together stop open
seem next white
children begin got
example walk ease
between city tree
cross since hard
start might story
saw far sea
draw left late
run while don't
press close night